Hot Tub Covers for all Makes and Models
Meeting or Exceeding your OEM cover in Custom Colors

Premium Marine Grade Vinyl
Made tough to withstand the harsh wet outdoors.
Cold-crack resistant; UV inhibitors:
anti-microbial treated; mildew inhibitors

Commercial Grade Nylon Zipper
Won't rust or corrode. Glides smoothly to
make core removal easy.

Durable Hinges
Double stitched for extra strength where it counts.
Reinforced with four thick layers of vinyl.
Engineered with cover lifters in mind.

Steel Spine
Foam cores are strengthened across the width with
20 gauge galvanized C-Channels
to prevent sagging or caving under heavy loads of snow

High Density Taper Foam Core
Facilitates water run-off and protects from rain damage.
High R-Value for greater insulation.

Available Foam Taper Thickness
4" x 2" ,  5" x 3"  and   6" x 4"

Key Locking Fastener
Offers an extra measure of security

Super-Thick Moisture Barrier
Cores are tightly wrapped with 4-mil thick
polyethylene to lock out moisture.
Water logging is the enemy-
It makes the cover inefficient and heavy.
Extra wide 1/4" seams are heat-sealed
for durability and to resist splitting.

Quality Controlled
Every stitch, every thread, every seam is triple-
inspected to ensure long-lasting performance

ATSM Standard F-1346
Covers meet the ATSM Standards as a manual safety cover

Customized to YOUR Hot Tub
Our experienced designers can tailor covers to
your exact specifications-whatever the size or
the shape. We can fit any hot tub on the
market, even discontinued models.

Extended Perimeter Skirt
Designed to hold in heat, stop water evaporation,
and protect the hot tubs acrylic edge.
Skirt length is customized to each Hot Tub.

Strong Padded Handles
Comfortable to hold and easy to lift.
Reinforced at key stress points so handles
won't rip out.

Optional Steam Stopper Available